Obama Policies Beautifully Ripped By Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Schools CNN’s Erin Burnett on Economics and Government. "What the people need now is LESS GOVERNMENT!" ~@kevinolearytv #smallbusiness #tcot #teaparty #capitalism #economy #sharktank — I AM…


BREAKING: Watch: NEW Edward Snowden Interview

This past Sunday evening former NSA contractor Edward Snowden sat down for an interview with German television network ARD. The interview has been intentionally blocked from the US public, with…


#TeaParty Response to Peter King: You’re Full of Crap!

Peter King thinks Rand Paul doesn’t belong in The Senate… because he protects the constitution….


[VIDEO] How Collectivism Nearly Destroyed America Before it Ever Got Started

Below is a Great VIDEO presentation on the real historical lessons of Thanksgiving. We ought to be Thankful that Gov. William Bradford of Plymouth decided in 1623 to end the…


“It’s time for a 3rd Party”…Not so fast!

I often read postings where folks are calling for the creation of a 3rd party because they are frustrated regarding the GOP. I’m not saying I am opposed to that as an option, but there are some things that folks need to keep in mind.

Paul Ryan

Ryan #BudgetDeal: Why you shouldn’t trust Boehner

The Ryan-Murray budget deal funds Obamacare for several years. A vote for this deal is a vote to continue Obamacare. Additionally, The Ryan-Murray deal has a small provision in it from the Democrats which makes it harder for Senate Republicans to block future tax increases. This alone is reason enough to block the deal, but as we know, there is much more wrong with this deal. Not a single Republican should vote for this.


Proudly Obstructing the Communist Takeover of  America

Zoe: What the Bible says about the Liberal Media & more…

Why does the mainstream media ignore the problems with Obamacare? It was forced down our throats and continues to hurt our country, but we don’t hear anything about it. Listen…

Dear Harry Reid, From The Tea Party!

Please share our letter to Harry Reid to let him know how you think! #MakeDCListen Post by I AM THE TEA PARTY!

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