“It’s time for a 3rd Party”…Not so fast!

I often read postings where folks are calling for the creation of a 3rd party because they are frustrated regarding the GOP. I’m not saying I am opposed to that as an option, but there are some things that folks need to keep in mind.

  1. If you take a pie and cut it in half, one half represents the Democratic party. They will never split up, so from a numbers perspective, they will have the advantage. Once you start slicing and dicing that other half, you weaken your ability to defeat that larger half.
  2. In order to create a 3rd party, you will want to figure out what happened to the GOP to avoid it happening with this 3rd party. What occurred is based on the behaviors of some people. How do you avoid those behaviors from destroying this 3rd party?
  3. If you aren’t registered as a Republican now and don’t vote in Republican primaries in a state that has closed primaries, you are the reason the establishment keeps winning.

Unless we get to the root cause, we will invent something that will continue to perpetuate what went wrong with the GOP. And we need to avoid in the future having someone like Obama reelected. I have never thought that Obama won purely based on voter fraud. I’m not saying voter fraud did not occur, but I also know that there were many Conservatives who sat out the last election because they did not like Romney. As a Conservative, I voted for him because I was focusing on unseating Obama and I did not feel that Romney hated America like Obama does. Gary Johnson received about 1 million votes. There were a number of Independents who sat it out because they did not like either candidate.

These are my opinions on why Obama won. And again, I am not saying I am opposed to the idea of a 3rd party. What I am saying is look deeper before you decide that is the solution and think through how to avoid the mistakes of the GOP. Unfortunately, there are folks who have a problem with agreeing to disagree so I’m sure that there will be some who don’t like what I say and maybe even unfriend me. Well, there is something that I found out a long time ago. God did not put me on this earth to win a popularity contest. In the words of Popeye – I am what I am.



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