MUST LISTEN! Mark Levin Defends Tea Party BLASTS the RINO Establishment

Levin describes the birth of the Tea Party and why the Establishment GOP is attacking us.

These “Republican leaders” only want to be in the majority if they can control the people we send to Congress. Mitch McConnell does not want anymore Ted Cruzes or Mike Lees or anybody else who’s going to give him trouble. He wants Republicans who are going to lie down and do what he tells them to do.

John Boehner and Eric Cantor? Exactly the same thing. These people are not about empowering the American people, they’re about empowering themselves. They see a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not as an opportunity to serve the people but to serve themselves.

This is why they attack! The conservatives who challenge them in primaries – even open primaries, this is why Rove pours the money in. He’s no great architect!

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