Ryan #BudgetDeal: Why you shouldn’t trust Boehner

The Ryan-Murray budget deal funds Obamacare for several years. A vote for this deal is a vote to continue Obamacare. Additionally, The Ryan-Murray deal has a small provision in it from the Democrats which makes it harder for Senate Republicans to block future tax increases.  This alone is reason enough to block the deal, but as we know, there is much more wrong with this deal. Not a single Republican should vote for this.

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1. It gets rid of the sequester cuts negotiated during the 2011 debt ceiling showdown.
2. It adds $8 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.
3. The total on-paper “deficit reduction” it achieves over a decade is $23 billion. That’s about one-fifth of 1 percent of the projected deficit.
4. It actually increases spending over previous projections by $63 billion, and relies on increased “fees” to pay for it. (From CainTV)

Have a listen: “The Great One” Mark Levin interviews Paul Ryan on this Budget. Calls it Mickey Mouse!

What you need to do about it: