“You better be willing to fight for this country!”-Allen West

Update: 9/27/2010 “I am extremely devoted to defend this constitutional republic for which I swore to defend” -Lt. Col. Allen West In response to being called EXTREME on Sean Hannity

[It's about] ”equal opportunity verses equal achievement. Each and every one of us has the opportunity for greatness in this country…The constitution says promote the general welfare not provide welfare. It is about setting conditions for our success!…

“We need to meet in places and start talking about restoring our liberty and fighting against a tyrannical government…. We cannot live in a country where the government sits around and tries to engineer results and outcomes.

If we are not willing to take a stand right now and take this country back and put it back on the right track of the principles and values it was established on… you’re complacent! …You better understand it’s a fight, and you better be willing to fight for this country!

If you are ready to get your musket, fix your bayonet, and charge into the ranks, then you are my brother and sister in this fight…. Don’t go home and let your children down!“- Congressional candidate Allen West